We put digital products on the road. Buckle up – we want to go far.
Während eines Workshops bringt DUMBO-Teammitglied Eike Töllner einen Klebezettel an einem Wheel of Progress-Canvas an.
Während eines Workshops moderiert DUMBO-Teammitglied Lukas Rütten vor einem Product Field Canvas

A new product in mind, but where to start?

No more tinkering. We push your dream castle to the workbench. It's time to figure out what jobs motivate your customers, where the problem-solution fit is, and how your MVP will get off the ground. This will provide you with a clear picture of your product and allow you to make informed decisions.

Das Büro von DUMBO bei Nacht
DUMBO-Teammitglied Robert Goesch im Gespräch.

Want to raise the bar for your product?

It's time to make a statement. We carefully assess the current state of your product experience. It's time to start methodically examining strengths and weaknesses, developing unique experiences, and supporting scaling. This way, you can ensure consistency throughout every step of your customer's journey and at every touchpoint.

Melanie Laudin, Robert Goesch und Eike Töllner vom DUMBO-Team diskutieren an einem Tisch während eines Workshops.
Ein lächelnder weißer Mann mit dunklen Haaren und Bart schaut über einen Monitor hinweg, im Hintergrund ist eine Fensterfront zu sehen, die das Innenlicht reflektiert.

Is your product on the right track?

Eyes on the prize. We remove the haze and collaborate with you to create a Living Vision. Today, it's all about creating a target image in an agile manner and based on reasonable expectations. This will allow you to make sustainable decisions, and move your team in the right direction step by step, without feeling overwhelmed by the backlog.

Expertise & Focus

  • Product strategy
  • Experience strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Innovation management
  • Service design
  • Product design
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Motion design
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • UX Writing
  • Animation & Motion
  • User & Market Research

Happy customers

9.7 / 10
NPS score for six years in a row

From Business Owner to Product Owner to UX Director and Manager.

Want to know why?

New insights waiting for you. Our Journey Mapping for your product.