DUMBO helped us shape our idea, define our product and design it end to end - in 4 months. I love working with them because of the focus and expertise they bring to the table. I need a partner who challenges me, who I can talk to about my ideas. and who will tell me what I need to hear even if it’s not what I want to hear. That’s DUMBO.

Henrik Ehrhardt
Product Owner, Yello
Understand what drives people. By understanding the user's job better than the rest, you’ll gain the competitive advantage. 
Establish problem-solution fit. Grab your hypothesis and validate it, so that you can make your bets soundly.
Build your minimum viable product. Determine your value proposition and define your business model.
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Product Experience

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Melanie Laudin, Robert Goesch und Eike Töllner vom DUMBO-Team diskutieren an einem Tisch während eines Workshops.

Product Vision

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