Blue oval stage for the Airberlin case by DUMBO Illustration of an Airberlin plane Illustration of an Airberlin plane


We created a straight forward digital world for Germany’s second largest airline. Closely together with the amazing ui/ux and e-commerce team we successfully rethought one touch point after another.

  • Our contributions.
  • User research
  • Information architecture
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Touchpoints
  • Booking flow
  • Homepage
  • iOS and Android app
  • Newsletter
  • Launched.
  • 2017
Mockup of a laptop with booking-flow flight to New York on the Aiberlin website

A booking flow selling tickets worth a billion euros annually

kpi_faster -55%


Nearly halved average booking time from 6.8 to 3.8 minutes

kpi_1st_time_bookings +10%

1st time bookings

10% increase in conversion of users booking for the first time

kpi_user_score 5.6

User score

Great user ratings in 67 coffee house tests

airberlin’s well tested booking flow wasn't ready for mobile devices. We did a radical redesign making it intuitive and easy to use on any device. The early beta already outperformed the old flow despite missing major features and tons of bugs.

Service, not promotion

We turned annoying promotions into friendly service offers by unintrusivly unifying them.

Illustrations of suitcases, wheelchairs, prams, airplane seats, surfboards, bicycles, and golf racks

Eliminate obstacles

Have you ever tried to weigh a dog while booking a flight? Airberlin required you to. We questioned every barrier always prepared to motivate departments in charge to change operations which had a strong impact on the customer experience.

Fully responsive

One experience meets every device. We used as many breakpoints as our content needed. Even our illustrations and images scaled up to perform on any platform at its best.

simple illustration of two suitcases Detailed illustration of two suitcases Detailed illustration of two suitcases with stickers and address tag

Safety First

People are stressed when booking a flight. We addressed their concerns in many ways. For example we gave a quick summary with a „floating button“ at every step of the process to always make them feel safe and in control.

Mockup of a smartphone with the Airberlin app’s boarding card

All you need to do is to open it

kpi_instant_fit +89%

Instant fit

The personalization serves most of our users without any interaction

kpi_fast 3

Courteously fast

In just 3 seconds we satisfy 70% of user needs

Airberlin customers used the app as a traveling tool - which it wasn't. We transformed it into a smart companion; aware of where you are in your journey. The gate is open? You get the boarding pass.


And yes! We successfully killed the stage offer carousel.

kpi_monthly +4.8m

Annual revenue

The first beta already increased revenue by 4.8 million euros a year

kpi_10_eur +10

Higher cart

On average customers paid nearly 10 euros more per booking

kpi_1st_time_bookings +6%

Engagement Boost

6.33% increase of the micro conversion into the booking flow

Airberlin's home was a billboard. We put user needs first, brand experience second and promotion last. We created a clear navigation, we staging the airline’s brand and a strong focus on the core business - selling flights.

Reduced to what is
absolutely necessary

Focus on core in this case means to concentrate on the user’s need. This is the reason why we remove all distracting elements.

Scribble for a flight search and photo of the implementation
photo of an airplane on the tarmac outside of an airport


Two months became a commitment of almost 2 years and they would still accompany us today. Dumbo worked closely with us to revolutionize the digital world of airberlin step by step while making themselves both technically and personally indispensable for our team. So I'm really looking forward to the next collaboration wherever that is going to be.

Bianca Ramljak
Head of UI/UX airberlin

We want to give a special thanks Bianca Ramljak, manager UI/UX, for the perfect team work and all responsible managers for the huge amount of trust and courage necessary to follow our radical concepts.

It breaks our hearts that we will never see these products fly in their final versions. Rest in peace you amazing company †