6 months internship.
In the middle of it all.
Twice a year.

Apply for winter 2020

At DUMBO you will work together with the partners and learn from each other's experience. We do not distinguish between concept and design or form and function. We create a digital product experience that is characterized by a multidisciplinary understanding of information architecture, visual design, user experience design, user interface design and programming. As part of the team, you're right in the middle of it all. Let’s shape real products together.

We are
looking for
you, if you:

have the urge to enter unknown territory, the willingness to question and the will to always be one step ahead

demonstrate a structured, independent and solution-oriented way of working

have a solid understanding of typography, color, layout and hierarchy

mastered first web and app design projects and are able to handle prototype tools with ease

have good written and verbal communication skills

like to share your knowledge, keep up-to-date and be prepared to engage in constructive discussions

are looking for a compulsory internship for your degree course and have studied for at least 4 semesters

Curious what you will do?
Here is what a week could
look like:


jump right into it with a weekly meetup of the entire team to discuss urgent topics

analyse best practises, do’s and dont’s to build interfaces that do their job


hierarchy your content to build an information architecture that pays out

create micro interactions to breath life into your visuals


prototype a mobile website you work on to gather testing insights for further improvements

have lunch with your team and discuss the hottest design trends, breaking news & rdr2 insights


turn your design into a system that is scalable and usable for others with ease

join brainstorming and design thinking sessions to gather insights about user needs


join a get together with our friends to share insights and discuss failures, learnings & victories

demonstrate your barbecue skills with a cool beer at the end of the week. cheers!


WS 2018/19

FH Aachen

Communication Design

The work of a designer usually has a direct, noticeable effect. That includes all design disciplines, of course. In my opinion, this impact is the most apparent in UX design. That’s why this area especially intrigues me.


Apply for winter 2020