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Guessing is not Knowing   
Guessing is not Knowing   
Guessing is not Knowing   
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Journey mapping is one of the best methods to design products in a customer-centric way. What you stand to learn from the Journey Map depends on where your product is in its evolution. How quickly you learn depends on how much your organisation already knows.


Consolidated knowledge

Align your team and pool your knowledge onto a shared visual map

Staunch support

Gain supporters in your organisation and build consensus around your vision

Informed decisions

Use the insights from journey mapping for informed UX-decisions

Clear priorities

Prioritise features and focus on the most important issues first

Sound investments

Make informed decisions about investments in your customer experience

Triggers for change

Drive processes for customer-centric change across teams

Quick insights

Tap into gained insights immediately and utilise them for continuous improvement

Together, we will chart your Journey Map for a perfect fit

The requirements of your Journey Map change throughout the product life cycle.


In the early stages of product development, we examine the context in which your product will operate. We support the product team with insight into the pain points and identify opportunities so that your solution addresses a suitable problem.

As your team's UX maturity increases, the way you work on your Journey Map changes.

Stage 1: Your team has no idea of UX

The first step beyond the comfort zone. Your product team knows little to nothing about how users behave. Journey maps help to see the product from the user's point of view, and develop ideas for improving the customer experience.

Journey mapping as a change of perspective.

How do we chart the Journey Map for your product?

We want the Journey Map to give you insights that are immediately usable. To do this, we omit everything you don't need, and direct our focus to what brings you closer to your goal. As effectively as possible, and as detailed as necessary.

A map that fits your product life cycle

Our customised Journey Map is tailored to your product life cycle and delivers you valuable insights. We help you understand the current journey with an As-Is map, or project a vision for your product with a To-Be map. When things get more complex, we dive deeper and include your internal processes and technologies in a Service Blueprint.

  • As-Is-Journey-Map
  • To-Be-Journey-Map
  • Service Blueprint

With the resilience you need

We work closely with your team to paint a comprehensive picture of how users behave, and build a solid foundation for your product. You decide what the Journey Map is based on — assumptions, desk research, analytics data, interviews. We build on top of it with our design expertise and know-how. You decide how deep we go. We help you undertake the necessary steps and gather the necessary evidence.

  • Co-creation
  • Design expertise
  • Research

An output to help you utilise your insights

The Map is a living object. Its shape changes as you learn more about the journey. We don't want you to rest on old insights, so we help you gain new ones. You'll get a research plan that tells you what methods and data you can use to grow your knowledge. And problem statements that help you better understand your customers' challenges.

  • Journey Map
  • Research Plan
  • Problem Statements

And guidance as extensive as you'd like

We not only facilitate workshops, but also the entire Journey Mapping process. And that's not all — we refine and optimise your Map, and help you implement the insights for your product. Our expert team is always available to ensure you get the most out of your Journey Map. Whether it's staying the course, or taking action, we're with you every step of the way to secure your success.

  • Process design
  • Refinement
  • Design consultancy
From start to finish line. Journeys with our clients.

Closing the knowledge gap: the shopping experience at Ryzon

  • Client: Ryzon
  • Focus: Product Experience
  • Product Lifecycle: Growth
  • UX Maturity: The team gets to know UX
  • Map: As-Is-Journey

Ryzon is a young brand for premium sportswear. In order to optimise the conversion rate in the online shop, investments should be made in the user experience. But will it pay off? Is there untapped potential? And where should Ryzon start, to achieve the greatest possible impact?

We needed an overview of buying behaviour in order to improve the UX in a targeted manner without wasting valuable resources. Together with the Ryzon team, we set out on a quest to chart an As-Is-Journey. As the budget was limited, the Journey Map was based on first on hypotheses and linked to analytics data.

The mapping revealed a knowledge gap at the heart of the shopping experience. The question of the first step was now irrelevant. Full attention was given to one moment: How does our product get into the shopping cart in the first place?

The map was the starting point for further research and design activities. More importantly, it showed everyone what they knew, and what they thought they knew.

A telco giant steers 20 Scrum teams towards the future

  • Client: Telekom
  • Focus: Product Vision
  • Product Life Cycle: Maturity
  • UX Maturity: You have your own UX team
  • Map: To-Be-Journey

In Germany, fibre optics are finally to become the standard, for which countless kilometres of fibre optic cables are being laid, and millions of households being connected to the network. To make this scaling possible, Telekom is building a new digital infrastructure with over 400 stakeholders in more than 20 scrum teams.

For all participants to collaborate in this complex work environment, and for solutions to fit hand in hand, everyone needs a common understanding of the customer experience – from the first moment to the last. Everyone should understand how their own work contributes to the big picture.

We approached the desired customer experience in the form of a To-Be-Journey, based on an analysis of internal and external business processes. To cover weaknesses and gaps, we included interviews and customer feedback from ongoing marketing phases.

The result was a series of dedicated Journey Maps, plus numerous media assets for internal communication. This was accompanied by Problem Statements, which served as a catalyst for promoting client-centred change processes throughout the programme.

Design for the everyday: Understanding experts

  • Client: AXA
  • Focus: Product Innovation
  • Product Life Cycle: Maturity
  • UX Maturity: You have your own UX team
  • Map: As-Is-Journey

In Germany, only a fraction of insurance sales are made through digital channels. Personal sales are indispensable, especially for more complex products. Billions are turned over via consulting software for sales partners.

AXA has collected many requirements and user requests over the years. So it was time to channel this into a new user-friendly software.

But what if these contradict each other? Based on numerous interviews with sales partners, we drew up an As-Is-Journey. We needed to understand exactly how the experts work, what drives them, what slows them down, what annoys them and what helps them. Above all, we had to find out why the requirements contradicted each other.

We were able to uncover three different contexts of use and show that there are in fact no contradictions in the requirements. There were different situations in which the same task had to be solved completely differently. That depended on whether the intermediary, the customer, or even both work together with it.

This realization was decisive for the success of the project. This was the only way we could develop a vision of the tool that would do justice to all three contexts, instead of making a huge compromise.

Journey Mapping

Gain valuable insights into your Journey and create a tailored strategy to take your customer experience to the next level.

  • Illuminates the user perspective
  • Suited to your product life cycle
  • Augments assumptions with a research plan
  • Combines specialist knowledge with design expertise
  • Expandable as a living object
Everything else you need to know about Journey Mapping

We would like to tell you more about Journey Mapping and answer all your questions. Here you will find some basic answers. But to ensure that Journey Mapping is really tailored to your product, we should clarify your individual questions in a personal conversation.

The duration of the Journey Mapping process depends on various factors, such as the complexity of your project, the number of stakeholders and your available resources. We usually need between 4 and 12 weeks to create a Journey Map.
Of course we can also create a Journey Map for an existing use case. The Journey Map can help you to uncover weak points in your product and show potential for improvement.
If you don't have enough time or budget for extensive research, we can first create the Journey Map based on hypotheses. We then try to draw on existing data and information, such as analytics data or the issues that arise in customer service via hotline or email. Based on this, we will also provide you with a research plan so that you can later continue your research and gather user feedback to continuously improve your Journey Map.
The results of a Journey Mapping process depend on the goals of your specific project. Generally, we support you in gaining a better understanding of your customers' needs, uncovering weaknesses in the customer experience and identifying potential for improvement. We are also happy to help you present the results, for example in the form of research recommendations, prototypes, storyboards or project roadmaps.
The key challenge in creating a Journey Map is to consider all relevant aspects of the customer journey. We will support you in identifying the appropriate customer segments and collecting relevant information. In close cooperation with you, we then structure the collected information and visualise it as a Journey Map. We set clear goals and focus on the most important interactions.
It is important to consider the customer journey from the perspective of your customers, and not just from the perspective of your product. However, we capture all interactions with your product, whether direct or indirect. We thereby take into account the goals of your customers and the conditions under which the interaction with your product takes place. To increase the validity of the Journey Map, we bring together your specialised knowledge and our design expertise and can include customer research at your request.
To ensure that the results of the Journey Mapping always remain up-to-date, it is crucial to regularly gather feedback from customers and other stakeholders through research, and to update the Journey Map accordingly. Changes in the product environment or in your organisation should also be taken into account. We are happy to support you in an iterative process of reviewing the current status of your Map and updating it as necessary, so that your insights are always current and you remain competitive with your product.
We are happy to include real customers in the journey mapping at the appropriate point. In fact, this can be very useful, especially if your product is already on the market, yet you and your product team are still at the beginning of the product life cycle. This way you can gain a better understanding of the real needs and challenges of your customers.
We have extensive experience working with product teams and would gladly be a sparring partner for you and your team. We want to make sure that the Journey Map meets the needs of your customers while also meeting the needs of your business.
We’d be happy to do that! We can look at your Journey Map and help you identify further challenges or opportunities for improving your customer experience, and also highlight if your Journey Map is incomplete or less than meaningful. Additionally, we can help you with a strategic plan for to using the Map in your organisation to optimise the customer journey.
We work closely with you and your team to ensure that each Journey Mapping is tailored to your needs. We also work smoothly with external designers and avoid silo thinking. We either focus on specific aspects of the Journey Mapping, or work together to create a comprehensive and engaging Journey Map to gain valuable insights for your product.
After the Journey Mapping process, we will gladly help you and your product team to realise your strategies and goals. Our design team can assist with developing solutions and taking measures to ensure your Journey Map is successfully translated into a product.