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We challenge your mindset, your product, your business. And become an integral part of your team. For a product that embarks today to change tomorrow.

In my experience, if your agency partner can’t see beyond the project they’re working on, they are useless. DUMBO is who I come to when I need big-picture, premium support with anything involving my end-to-end customer experience.

Thomas Tischer
Formerly head of e-commerce, airberlin

How we create the best product experience

We'll take you from 0 to 100, giving you access to all the skills you need to design digital products and services at the highest level.

Design from day one

On most projects, we go through a design cycle from strategy to first prototype within 20 days.

Direct access to our experts

You are in direct contact with our designers, strategists and consultants, so you get first-hand advice. Unfiltered and personal.

Small, experienced teams

The best digital products are built by experienced teams working together in a hands-on, multidisciplinary way. Our teams are experienced in designing and developing products at scale.

Stability and knowledge

We do not work with freelancers. Everyone on the team shares the same mindset and is fully committed to your project. From start to finish.

Integrated into your team

You benefit from an external task force that integrates into your organization as part of your team. We work side-by-side with Biz and Tech to create a winning digital product.

Strategically sound

Our design always follows a strategic objective. We help you define the goals, get buy-in, and focus on the right metrics.

For long-term success

The majority of our revenue comes from long-term relationships with repeat clients. We work with them to develop strategies for the future and to grow and optimize their digital platforms.

According to human behavior

We help people make progress. We do this by using our knowledge of behavioral psychology and behavioral economics to design products based on people's behavior.

Guaranteed to be challenging

Working with us is not always easy. We don't talk down to you, we don't tell you what you want to hear, we tell you what you need to hear. We ask the uncomfortable questions because that's the only way to make the best decisions.

Three steps ahead

Our work is always focused on providing perspective and taking the next step in the right direction. We provide the necessary stability in an agile environment to act sustainably in the short term.

We work together. For the greatest product experience.
A collage of mobile app screenshots showcasing various user interface elements for tracking energy consumption, set against a vibrant blue background with text in German

From a web-based service to an app-first approach.

  • Client: Yello
  • Focus: Product Experience
  • Engagement: 18 month
  • Platforms: iOS & Android

At a time when energy is on everyone's lips, when people use their smartphones to interact with brands but no one really wants to deal with their energy supplier, digital excellence is increasingly important. With the ambition to lead the way, Yello is facing a key challenge: moving from a web-based service to an app-first approach.

Together, we embarked on this transformative journey. The result is an app that transforms the traditional, often passive relationship between consumer and energy provider into a lively, ongoing conversation. Every interaction helps build loyalty.

The new app is not just an addition to Yello's digital portfolio - it is the beginning of a new and personal interaction with customers.

We want to inspire our customers with excellent digital services. With DUMBO, we have found a partner who stands by our side with the highest quality standards, excellence in design and full commitment.

Henrik Ehrhardt
Product Owner, Yello

The experience strategy for a nationwide infrastructure

  • Client: Deutsche Telekom
  • Focus: Product Experience
  • Engagement: 30 month
  • Platforms: Web, Mobile, Communication

In Germany, fibre optics are finally to become the standard, for which countless kilometres of fibre optic cables are being laid, and millions of households being connected to the network. To make this scaling possible, Telekom is building a new digital infrastructure with over 400 stakeholders in more than 20 scrum teams.

For all participants to collaborate in this complex work environment, and for solutions to fit hand in hand, everyone needs a common understanding of the customer experience – from the first moment to the last. Everyone should understand how their own work contributes to the big picture.

We approached the desired customer experience in the form of a To-Be-Journey, based on an analysis of internal and external business processes. To cover weaknesses and gaps, we included interviews and customer feedback from ongoing marketing phases.

The result was a series of dedicated Journey Maps, plus numerous media assets for internal communication. This was accompanied by Problem Statements, which served as a catalyst for promoting client-centred change processes throughout the programme.

DUMBO is a strong design partner. In a very complex environment, they have been able to set strategic impulses as well as develop "hands on" solutions with the product teams. Their work has had a lasting impact on the customer experience of fiber optic expansion.

Sebastian Simmer
Vice President E2E Fiber Customer Experience & Processes, Telekom
We solve complex problems through design

Expertise & Focus

  • Product strategy
  • Experience strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Innovation management
  • Service design
  • Product design
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Motion design
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • UX Writing
  • Animation & Motion
  • User-Research & Testing

Happy customers

9.7 / 10
NPS score for six years in a row

From Business Owner to Product Owner to UX Director and Manager.

Product Experience

We invite you to a deep and honest collaboration. We challenge your mindset, your product, your business.

  • 100% digital product design
  • High quality standards
  • No freelancers
  • No overhead managers
  • Access to the full DUMBO expertise
  • Radical honesty
To get started on a smaller scale, start with Journey Mapping
Ein detailliertes Brainstorming-Board, überschrieben mit "THE MAP", ist mit zahlreichen bunten Post-It-Notizen, Fotos und Dokumenten bedeckt. Es ist in einem Ladenlokal platziert, umgeben von Kleidungsstücken auf Bügeln und mit Backsteinwänden im Hintergrund.

Gain valuable insights into your Journey and create a tailored strategy to take your customer experience to the next level.