UX/UI Audit

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Within 14 Days
Most companies offering digital products or services want people to interact with them. That's because interaction leads to increased engagement, revenue, time spent, and loyalty. Often, the path to achieving this involves endless trial-and-error cycles in design. This doesn’t have to be the case. By using Interaction Archetypes, we analyze your User Experience and provide you with actionable insights in a very short time, enabling you to optimize your User Interface for maximum effect.


People follow patterns when interacting with digital products. Use this to your advantage.

Interaction results from the intention to achieve a goal in a specific context. We help you gain clarity on the context of interaction.

Intuitive interfaces particularly address the intention of use. We assist you in identifying the intention and drawing conclusions.

The criteria for success vary from one interaction to another. We help you define goals and make decisions.

Usability describes the efficiency and effectiveness in which users complete tasks. We assist you in prioritizing content accordingly.

People always follow the same patterns when interacting with digital products. We help you improve your design accordingly.

We can't predict interactions. But we can analyze the factors that influence usage.

The Intention of Use

Informed by behavioral psychology, we understand that every interaction is driven by intent. This fundamental principle profoundly shapes human behavior. We use frameworks such as the Integrated Behavior Model (IBM) and current findings on Information Seeking Behavior to align your digital products and services with the nuances of human behavior.

The Content

When the intention of use aligns with your content, you increase the likelihood that people will interact with your interface. With the Interaction Archetypes, we provide you with recommendations for action to improve your User Interface accordingly and create intuitive interactions.

The Design

Day in and day out, our mission is to align our clients' objectives with the needs of their users. True success lies not merely in isolated design solutions, but in understanding the foundational principles and recurring patterns. We possess the expertise to unlock this insight — and your design stands to gain immensely from it.

How we analyze your User Interface and provide insights that advance your goals.

Our design review employs the four-eyes principle, evaluating your UI through the lens of Interaction Archetypes. Within a few days, you’ll receive a comprehensive video presentation detailing our findings step by step, and allow you to start implementing improvements in your next sprint.

Examining the Moment of Interaction

The objective of the UX/UI audit is a task your users perform to move closer to a defined goal state while achieving specific successes. We analyze the context of use to gain insights into the intent of use and to be able to identify the corresponding archetype, which helps us structure the interaction appropriately.

  • Analysis of the Task and Context of Interaction
  • Definition of the Intention of Use and the corresponding Interaction Archetype

Analyzing User Interface and User Experience

Based on the appropriate Interaction Archetype, we analyze your User Interface. We assist you in refining your objectives and establishing a foundation to prioritize and evaluate your content. This paves the way for a Content Hierarchy capable of addressing the intention of use.

  • Analysis of your User Interface and the anticipated User Experience
  • Evaluation of the Interaction Strategy and Content Hierarchy

Challenging the Design

We evaluate your User Interface concerning the adherence to established design best practices and whether the implemented UI patterns adequately reflect human behavior patterns and fit both the intent of use and the context of use.

  • Design Review considering the preceding analysis
  • Evaluation of UI patterns based on best practices and accessibility guidelines

Documenting the review on the living object

We provide you with all the results in the form of a Loom video. This way, you receive the evaluation directly and without delay. Watch the video whenever and wherever you are, and leave questions whenever they arise. This prevents misunderstandings and ensures that time is well invested.

  • UX/UI audit on the living object in the form of a Loom video
  • Practical Management Summary as a PDF
Achieving actionable results in just a few days.

Increasing sales by 20% in just four days

  • Client: AXA
  • Focus: Product Experience
  • Activity: UX/UI Audit

In Germany, 8 out of 10 people purchase insurance online, with 42% completing the transaction directly through the insurance company's website. Product pages are an important touchpoint for users to gather information about insurances and make informed decisions.

Our comprehensive UX/UI audit of AXA's product pages included expert analyses, product-independent user feedback, and evaluations of tracking data. Overall, we were able to identify 23 potential areas for improvement through insights. These were significantly enhanced by the application of Interaction Archetypes, which helped us structure the user interface and optimize content according to user intent.

For example, just by realigning the content, the page length of AXA's car insurance was reduced by 52% while simultaneously achieving a 20% increase in revenue—all based on our UX/UI audit within four days.

UX/UI Audit

Optimize your User Interfaces for maximum impact and create intuitive interactions that are oriented towards human behavior.

  • Detailed UX/UI analysis based on behavioral psychology models
  • By design experts whose interfaces are used by millions of people
  • Within 14 days, so you are actionable for the next sprint
  • In the form of a Loom video for joint discussion and clarification of the results
  • With a Management Summary as a PDF
Process the insights with our design team

Together, we convert insights into actionable solutions, guaranteeing their seamless integration into the product and creating tangible impact.

Unlocking Answers to Your Queries
The duration of the audit depends on the complexity and scope of the project. Typically, we complete a UX/UI audit in a few days, while a more comprehensive analysis that includes multiple interfaces or more complex systems can take up to two weeks.
No, a UX/UI audit is possible for both live user interfaces and those in the design or development phase. Early-stage UX/UI audits can be particularly valuable for identifying and addressing usability issues before they affect users.
From a UX/UI audit, you can expect detailed evaluations regarding usability, consistency, and overall design quality. We identify both strengths and areas for improvement and provide clear, actionable recommendations to enhance your interface.
In our guide, you will learn more about how the Interaction Archetypes, which we developed based on scientific insights from behavioral psychology, can be applied to user interface design.
Yes, a live evaluation is possible and can be conducted either remotely or on-site; just contact us for more details.
We work closely with your internal or external design teams to integrate the results of the Expert Review. Our goal is to play a supportive role and facilitate the implementation of recommended changes to achieve good results.
Absolutely. After completing the UX/UI audit, we are ready to collaborate with you and your team on the refinement of the analyzed interface. Our goal is to ensure that the changes are effectively implemented and have a positive impact on the user experience.