We create
digital prodcuts
and services.

We accompany our partners on all levels of their digital product design process. Strategy, Analytics, Research, Conception, Design, Technology, Optimization: All you need to build a successful digital product and service. Nothing more, nothing less.

black-and-white photo from the outside into the DUMBO office
kpi_focus_on_core Focuson Core

We build products based on user needs

We focus on the user’s one fundamental need instead of building products based on ideas and empathetic conclusions. This allows us to increase value and satisfaction for brand and customer.

kpi_orient_on_human Build onhuman behaviour

We build products based on interaction principles

The way people perceive, act and decide defines every step of our work. All our products follow a set of principles deeply connected to patterns of human behavior.

kpi_validate ValidateDecisions

We build products based on informed decisions

We favor knowing over guessing. Therefore we validate assumptions by prototyping and testing even before we start building. Also in fast and agile projects.

The team of the design agency DUMBO at work

We are

kpi_work Work WithPassion
kpi_design DesignSince 2017
kpi_based_cologne BAsed inCOlogne

We are a small but efficient team of passionated designers believing there are no boundaries between form and function, and no border between graphic design and user experience.

We seek long term relationships

Instead of firefighting we dive in and dig deep. We provide consistency and build upon the knowledge acquired over a long period of time. Our team joins your company closely.

We assure consistent quality

Our claim is to ensure outstanding design quality. We share and refine our knowledge and principles carefully. Our team follows a straight design philosophy.

We are guardians of the user

We challange your business goals and give users a voice, in order to build products your customers fully appreciate. Our team builds products that matter.

We build products for millions

Over the past years we have built products for globally operating and industry leading companies as well as startups. Our team designs for millions of users.