Product Vision

Make goals tangible   
Make goals tangible   
Make goals tangible   
Approx. 12 weeks
A clear and tangible product vision is a powerful strategic asset. A product vision plays a crucial role in guiding product teams and positioning the product within the organization. When a product vision is well-defined, it not only meets current requirements but also defines the future requirements.



As a North Star, it aligns the team and organization with long-term goals and creates a shared understanding of the product's purpose.


As a guide in agile product development, it assists the team in prioritizing features and user stories based on their fit for the long-term plan.

Risk mitigation

As a Target Image, it helps validate assumptions early on and identify challenges and potential risks during development, allowing for adjustments to the strategy if needed.

Communication & Buy-in

As a tool for communication, it helps to show the main goals of the product and get support and approval from those involved.


As a leading concept, it provides the basis for adapting to changing market conditions and customer needs.


As a benchmark, it defines success criteria and helps to make progress measurable and create responsibilities.

Lead strategically with shared excitement

Customer Value Proposition

Connect the problem you want to solve with the way your customers want to solve it. The value you can create for them holds the potential that your product can leverage. With the value proposition based on your customers' jobs and needs, you will be able to develop customer-centric solutions and inspire your business model.

High Fidelity Prototypes

Your vision is achievable. By creating accurate prototypes of chosen interactions that will shape the product experience in the future, you can impressively reveal how your product will be useful for your customers and fulfill its promise. This gives you validated ideas that you can apply to product development.

Initiatives and Metrics

The next step is the first step in the right direction. Create initiatives and KPIs based on the value proposition and prototypes that will aid in the sustainable shaping of the roadmap. Avoid reacting to ad hoc requests. This is an ideal way to support your OKRs and begin.

How we develop a vision for your product together within 12 weeks

Through co-creation workshops, research activities, and design sprints, we devise a desired state for your product. We work with your team and provide evidence to assess potential areas and align actions with your objective.

Understanding the market, competition, and customers' needs.

We investigate what job the product is being hired for by users today and tomorrow and what needs are being met.

  • Secondary Research
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • JTBD-Interviews

Identify and rank potential opportunities for the product, company, and users

We translate the insights into a customer value proposition that describes which capabilities of the product teams are used to create added value that brings customers closer to their goals. Together we prioritize follow-up activities.

  • Job Map
  • Opportunity Score
  • Customer Value Proposition

Exploring solution spaces and systematically finding answers to the product promise

In joint co-creation sessions, we look for nuggets (concept ideas) that give us answers to the "how might we" questions and prototype the concepts in order to evaluate them in terms of their expected impact and feasibility.

  • Nugget Mining
  • Prototyping
  • Kano Survey

Expressing the essence of the product vision to guide design and change processes

We will shape the most promising concepts with the help of high-fidelity prototypes and give the Product Vision a face. The result is a shared picture that can be used to derive initiatives for further product development.

  • Nugget Refinement
  • High Fidelity Prototyping
  • Product Vision
Shaping the path to the future. Visions of our clients.
A diverse collage of Telekom services and products offers a vivid snapshot of contemporary tech lifestyle options.
A bold, 3D rendering of the phrase 'ALL IN ONE' with vibrant purple and blue hues
A series of sleek mobile interface designs showcasing Telekom's commitment to clean aesthetics and functionality.

Competing at the top end of a saturated market

  • Client: Deutsche Telekom
  • Fokus: Product Vision is a high-traffic site with more than 21 million users per month. To compete as a premium provider and boost customer retention, must scale its growing ecosystem while providing a seamless retail experience. The platform must handle a diverse portfolio including landline, mobile, broadband, television, and IT services.

In close cooperation, we developed a 5-year vision for, their digital distribution channel and touchpoint for new and existing customers.

The vision plans ahead for the future, while already being actionable since May 2022. As a tool, it empowers the UX leadership to align various teams towards a common goal — To develop an excellent and consistent user experience for, showcasing the growing portfolio and brand values. The aim is to make it compelling and accessible to all users on all devices, both here and across Europe.

This Vision empowers me to communicate effectively with stakeholders, enabling user-centric decision-making for the long run. Get DUMBO on board when you need a special force with a focus on strategic design.

Gunnar Gamer
UX Director Digital Commerce Europe, Telekom
A graphic representation on a crumpled paper texture showing a pie chart and bar graph in red and white color scheme. The pie chart depicts a division of responses, and the bar graph illustrates percentages ranging from 0 to 90%, with categories labeled as 'qualifiziert' for qualified and 'irrelevant.'
Ein dunkelblau gekleideter, lachender Mann mit kurzem Bart und Kurzhaarfrisur, der ein Headset trägt, steht an einem Schreibtisch, auf dem Dokumente liegen, und schaut auf einen Bildschirm, während ein anderer Mann an einem Schreibtisch im Hintergrund vor einer Fensterfläche steht, ein Headset trägt und auf einen Bildschirm schaut.
A score matrix displayed on a crumpled white paper background, plotting 'Importance' on the vertical axis and 'Satisfaction' on the horizontal axis, both scaled from 1 to 10. Red dots represent different factors, grouped into three main quadrants: 'Underserved' with high importance and low satisfaction, 'Table Stakes' with high importance and high satisfaction, and 'Not Worth Going After' with low importance.

What is the potential of the congstar app?

  • Client: congstar
  • Fokus: Product Vision

For a cellular service provider, the in-house app is the most natural point of customer contact. It's no wonder that it receives all the focus.

Moreover, the app is performing incredibly well with a 4.7-star rating in the App Store. However... is there more to it? How will it assist congstar in the future?

Together with congstar, we started researching a product that many people take as much for granted as water and as unexcited as electricity. Your cellular contract.

As expected, the basic needs of customers in this saturated market were already being met. Nevertheless, by categorizing the market based on the identified jobs, new areas of potential for product development could be identified.

Starting with the application, it has the potential to enhance the overall customer experience.

We build something tangible that helps you turn visions into reality

Product teams

  • Designing new products
  • Optimizing existing products
  • Prioritizing the product backlog
  • Creating a product roadmap
  • Designing the user experience
  • Validating potentials before development begins


  • Align the organization around a shared vision
  • Drive a shared understanding of customer needs into the organization
  • Build the necessary skills and capabilities
  • Enter and discover new markets

Product Vision

Get clarity and enthusiasm with an ambitious vision that empowers your team to drive innovation.

  • Tailor-made for your challenge
  • Based on the job-to-be-done theory
  • Further processing with the Business Model Canvas and OKR
  • Usually feasible within 12 weeks
  • High fidelity design prototypes
  • Expandable as a living object
To get in on a smaller scale, start with JTBD-Interviews
Two women smiling and interacting with smartphones while sitting on a gray couch with plants partially framing the scene.

In a very short time, you will gain all the knowledge you need to unlock new potential and develop successful products.