Case Study - Telekom Home Network

Designing seamless connectivity: Introducing and integrating a new wifi technology
Key Screens Telekom Home Network
Deutsche Telekom
Product Experience
18 month
Web, App, Hardware, Packaging


True to the motto »best network«, Telekom's Speed Home WiFi is dedicated to best WLAN performance within your own four walls.

The product line promises a more stable and powerful Wi-Fi network using mesh technology and can be seamlessly integrated into the Telekom ecosystem.

We accompanied the rollout to create technology adoption and ensure a smooth installation. For the best network in every corner of the house.


  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Motion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Frontend Development


600 k

visits in the first month alone after the relaunch of the DSL Help app.

4.6 / 5

Average rating in the App Store and Google Play Store with more than 36 thousand ratings and more than one million downloads.

35 %

Higher conversion through continuous optimization of the digital assistant after release.

100 k

Configurations in the first two months alone after the release of the Mesh Assistant.

A modern, minimalist house basks in the magenta glow of sunset, with large windows revealing the vibrant magenta interior lights that match the dramatic sky, and a serene pool mirroring the tranquil evening atmosphere.

Power-ups for your home network

19 %

Stress increase by time-to-content delays of 6 seconds.

Everyone is annoyed by bad Wi-Fi, but only few understand it. In collaboration with the Access-Team of Telekom it was our goal to build a mental model of this very abstract topic and to translate the technical complexity into an easy to understand language. Two years later, we have shaped the topic Home Networking touchpoint for touchpoint in accordance with the customer journey. The result creates an end-to-end experience for the new Mesh Products of Telekom.


01 Inform: A New WiFi Technology Making sustainable decisions under operational pressure
02 Configure: Your personal hardware skills Designing encounters and processes without leaving anyone behind
03 Install: Setting up the network Seamless and smooth commissioning.
04 Optimize: Wi-Fi performance within your own four walls Making visible what is hidden.

Inform: A New WiFi Technology

Mesh promises what every user has wished for year after year: perfect network connection in the entire house. The Magenta Home becomes the Key Visual of Telekom Mesh and puts the functionality in relation to common technologies, interactively.

Visualizing signal strength and coverage

The color magenta is representative of the product promise. The purer the magenta the better the network. We expanded the scope with light and dark magenta shades to illustrate Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage spanning all touchpoints.

Technology for every situation

The need for mesh hardware depends on the individual living situation. In the category home network of Telekom we therefore focus on the integration into personal living environments.  

Configure: Your personal hardware skills

An interactive assistant helps interested parties in a playful way to determine the perfect hardware for their individual living situation in order to ensure a comprehensive Wi-Fi experience. Based on a knowledge-based recommendation system, the assistant enables users to add services to the recommended bundle and add it to their shopping cart as a complete package.

Evaluation without loading time and data collection

To carry out our recommendations we neither collect personal user data nor do we generate load times. The complete collection, evaluation and filtering of the products all takes place in the front end.

Array of various modern black smart home devices, including mesh repeaters and routers, displayed against a neutral background, illustrating the diversity of a connected home ecosystem.

Illustrations that excite

The animation concept supports the entire advisory process, whereby the graphic world invites you to linger and explore. Based on Telekom’s technical illustration style, the interactive design with its love for detail lends the technical topic an emotional note.  

A collage of hand-drawn sketches and notes for user interface designs, including layouts for different devices and detailed annotations, showcasing the creative process of user interface design.

Performant and dynamic animations

We used the framework vue.js in combination with Greensock GSAP. The technology allows fluid, dynamic, scalable and seamlessly meshing animations of the highest quality and performance.

smartphone screens displaying a mobile interface design with a vivid magenta background; the first screen asks about housing type, the second queries the number of floors in a house, and the third is for selecting a TV receiver, all with minimalist line art illustrations.

Mobile first. Perfect for every device

Focusing on a precise configuration, we dispose of the navigation and create an app appearance which fluidly adjusts to any screen size. No matter if the user is active on his own device or if the consultant guides him through the configuration on site.

A hand holding a smartphone with a screen displaying a mobile interface for choosing a housing option, with a laptop in the background mirroring the same interface on its screen. The smartphone is at the forefront of the image, emphasizing the mobile-first design principle, with the website '' visible in the browser.

Install: Setting up the network

In close collaboration with Telekom’s product development team, we shaped the user experience at one of the most important touchpoints – the hardware itself. The first contact with the promised hardware solution is one of the most important steps in order to ensure a smooth start-up.

Keeping complex requirements simple

The Speed Home Wi-Fi supplies every house with mesh technology and is compatible with any router. In order to ensure a simple user experience while setting up, we worked together with Telekom on the technical design.

A black and white photo of two individuals engrossed in discussion in front of a wall filled with various sticky notes and papers, illuminated by a desk lamp, indicative of an in-depth user experience session
Monochrome photograph of a bearded man seated on the floor, looking thoughtfully at a board filled with papers in a sunlit room, symbolizing reflection during the user experience design process.

Binary LED concept for maximal accessibility

Generally, products communicate nonverbally with the help of signs. The Speed Home Wi-Fi has two different statuses: flashing and shining. This way we clearly indicate the need for action and operation and without color distinction.  

For every target group the correct format

Comprehensive step-by-step instructions, clear language and detailed illustrations make the set-up in every network child’s play. A comprehensive manual for those who don't have a smartphone and seamless integration with the DSL Help App make it easy to get started. For everyone. The app utilizes the advantages of the communication with router and Speed Home Wi-Fi and makes the set-up with external devices highly efficient.

Digital meets analog. Two disciplines, one journey

In addition to the digital experience, print communication plays an important role. The words, the process and the delivery must be carefully chosen in order to make the start-up into an experience.

Optimize: Wi-Fi performance within your own four walls

New edition of the successful app of 2015. Apart from the redesign, the app was expanded by a number of Wi-Fi gadgets which help users increase the Wi-Fi performance within their own four walls. Thus allowing the app a seamless integration of the mesh products.

The mental model of your network

In the shape of a hectogram we depict up to 720 variations of a network installation. The map gives the mesh network a face and can point out weak spots even in the smallest spaces and can also localize your device in the network.

Screenshot of the Telekom network management interface displaying three devices connected to the network, highlighting one with a weak connection.

Find the bottleneck in your network

No more buffering. With one tap find the cause of connection failures. All devices show a clear connection to the internet and can specifically point out connection or speed problems.

A modern, minimalist entertainment area featuring a game console on a chic wooden shelf, with a large framed landscape screen in front of the white wall above.

An image of your apartment within seconds

We have developed a set of features which enables every user to sketch an image of his living situation on his Smartphone with minimum effort. The layout serves as the basis for the measurement of the Wi-Fi coverage.

A warmly lit living room with a comfortable grey sofa, a wooden coffee table with a magazine, and a simple dining setup in the background, exuding a relaxing ambiance.

The Smartphone measures your Wi-Fi coverage

We create a heat map on the basis of the layout and the Wi-Fi signal strength in order to gain a holistic view of the network situation. The user can then take specific measures for optimization.  

A living room bathed in vibrant magenta and blue hues, featuring modern furniture, a large TV with a dynamic screen saver, and a neatly arranged shelf, creating an immersive atmosphere.
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